About Goio Telletxea

I’m a digital products and services designer and a proud founding member of a small studio called La Personnalité™. Check out some of our projects if you want to know more about our activity. We deliver interaction and interface design projects for small and big companies and institutions.

I’m happy doing things like:

  • Interview stakeholders and end users
  • Contributing to a product backlog, prioritizing, and helping balance feature sets for each iteration and release
  • Designing features, flows, tests, and research
  • Designing user interfaces that people love to use – interaction, information, and visual design
  • Co-owning quality and delivery of beautiful, usable technology products
  • Working with a light agile process to design iteratively, re-balancing interfaces and interaction models as features develop and feedback is gathered
  • Keeping teams honest regarding aesthetics and usability
  • Focusing on lean product design, delivering value and performance
  • Leading full-team design sessions
  • Participating in testing sessions with users
  • Working with QA roles to determine testability of all features

I’ve been writing, speaking and working on digital products and services since 1998 for a wide variety of clients/projects. If you want a complete profile, you can visit my LinkedIn profile. I’m also a proud member of ‘The Melêé’, a collective of miscellaneous web design and development crew in Donostia – San Sebastián.

I live in Anoeta, a small town located at Basque Country (Spain)